Zebra’s on the plains of the South Luangwa National Park

The magnificent Zambezi River widens to 2 km before crashing down 100 meters to the gorge boelow. This breathtaking waterfall was named the Victoria Falls by David Livingstone.

Lake Kariba is 225kms long and 40 kms wide giving the imression of an inland sea. One of the largest dams ever made, with great fishing, houseboat cruises, some game viewing, a whole lot of sunshine and great sunsets!

A migration of Wildebesst in the Liuwa Plains National Park in the West..

Lower Zambezi National Park has a large elephant population. Buffalo, waterbuck, and many large birds of prey add to the wonder of this magnificently beautiful place on Earth.

Lake Tanganyika is another vast body of water in Northern Zambia, offering fantastic fishing, scuba diving, wonderful pristine beaches and mountain hikes.

Zambia is well known for outstanding leopard and Lion sightings in all the major National Parks: South Luangwa, North Luangwa, Lower Zambezi and Kafue.

Kasanka National Park has excellent birding and antelope. Elephants are returning to this reestablished park. Every November, millions of fruit bats arrive and roost in the trees, emerging in the early evenings to forage – the sight is quite spectacular. 

Zambia has a rich culture and many traditional ceremonies are held in many places throughout the year.  The Kuomboka Ceremony celebrates the move to higher ground of the entire village and the Litunga (Chief of the area) is transported in a large barge with many oarsmen.